Mani meetings are my fave kind of meetings ๐Ÿ’…

Warning: This probably isn’t a very #relatable post. Soz. 

When you’re a journo, meeting PRs is an important part of the job. You need to find out what they’re up to, and you need to tell them what you’ve got going on (at work). We all want to build lasting relationships, and it works because most of my good friends work in PR.

Lately I’ve noticed a new HAWT trend – more and more PRs are suggesting manicures instead of ‘brekkies’ or drinks, and do you know what – BRING. IT. ON. 

I love any kind of meeting, but I’m loving this mani meeting craze. Why? Because nail appointments always start on time, you’re not interrupted by people, and you both come out winners with a gorgeous new mani.  

Today I had a lunch time nail appointment with Adele from Neal’s Yard Remedies. She’s so lovely! We went to DryBy on Mortimer Street, and it was the perfect Friday catch up. We spoke about all kinds of things, including the new Frankincense Intense Lift Cream. It’s out 6th September and I can’t wait to try it (I’ll report back!). Adele (the PR not the singer) swears by it and her skin is incred so I’m thinking that’s a really good sign. 

Here are my FIVE fave mani hotspots in central London: 

  1. DryBy: Such a cool little venue – they also do fun quirky nail art. 
  2. Cheeky: The one in Topshop is really fab, as is the one in High Holborn. Great colour suggestions. 
  3. Cowshed: Dreamy venue for a lunchtime pedi. 
  4. Aveda: A great spot because there’s a cafe next door so you can always pop in there first for a hot chocolate. 
  5. Fenwicks: It’s fairly quiet in Fenwicks so you can have a speedy but luxe mani. 

Oh, and for those wondering – I got a crisp white manicure today!

I love white nails – next time I’m going for some crazy nail art though for sure. 

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