Grief Relief: The Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast

I thought I’d share a podcast I’ve recently discovered that’s made me laugh while I’ve been so god damn miserable.

So, I love podcasts, and before my mum passed away, I listened to them all the time. Every day in fact. Over lockdown I went for the more serious newsy ones, and the odd murder mystery (though will anything ever live up to Serial series one? I don’t think it will!).

I know podcasts are a bit marmite… Not everyone enjoys them – I used to try and convince my mum to listen to my favourites but she always fell asleep – much to my annoyance. It turned out to be like a little joke between us when we went on holiday because I’d put on a gripping podcast for her and then five minutes later she’d be catching some Zzzs.

Mum in hospital smiling… probably being forced to listen to a podcast by me

She did enjoy listening to the uber tense Dirty John podcast (to be fair, I think she preferred watching the Netflix show more), and Case File, and on one holiday to Mauritius I made her listen to the popular comedy podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno, and she was in absolute hysterics while sunbathing on the beach and people were starting to stare because she was laughing so hard. Ahhh I miss her laugh!

My mum probably listening to a podcast I forced her to listen to

Anyway, since she passed away I haven’t felt in the mood to listen to any of my usual favourites, but on a late night rabbit hole on TikTok (mainly trying to figure out why everyone loves it so much), I discovered an account featuring two girls revealing lots of interesting facts they got from celebrity memoirs. Cue discovering their podcast Celebrity Memoir Book Club.

It’s pretty simple: two New York comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton read a celebrity memoir and then they pretty much dissect it page by page and often rip it to shreds. If you love nostalgic celebrity culture, you’ll love this.

Listen to Celebrity Memoir Bookclub on Spotify or the Podcast app

It’s quite a new podcast and the girls are just so savage – which I love. I particularly enjoyed them going to town on Britney Spears’ mum for being – their words – a terrible mother, calling out Rob Lowe for being creepily obsessed with how women look, and swooning over Travis Barker for his tart-with-a-heart ways. I definitely want to read his book now, btw.

After listening to their podcast I definitely want to read more celebrity memoirs. So, if you have a suggestion for a good one, let me know in the comment box below or DM me on Instagram. Cheers darls!

P.S I hope this post wasn’t as depressing as my other posts. I kept making people cry with the other ones so I thought I’d give you some ‘Grief Relief!’. Still want to share my mum stories as I see them as something to look back on as I don’t want to forget a single thing about her.

One thought on “Grief Relief: The Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast

  1. Katherine Parker says:

    Sorry about your mum. Yesterday was 6 years for me and I never stop missing her.
    Their memories stay with us though. May that bring you peace.
    All the best❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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