Grief Relief: ‘Starstruck’ seriously made me smile

This is the perfect TV show to watch if you need a bit of joy in your life. I promise you that you’ll fall in love with this sweet rom-com and you’ll be telling everyone you know (and I mean everyone!) to watch it.

Two of my work friends recommended I watch this BBC3 show – and I trust them both when it comes to telly. So, on a rainy Sunday afternoon in MAY (yes, rain. In. May!), my sisters and I got acquainted with New Zealand star Rose Matafeo and British actor Nikesh Patel and their unbelievably sweet, funny millennial love story. Personally, I thought their chemistry was off the charts.

The show, which was made in the UK for the BBC, sees Jessie (played by Rose Matafeo) fall for Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel), a guy she has a one-night stand with one New Year’s Eve, to later discover he’s a huge movie star.

Here’s a picture of them at said NYE bash…

I love a good rom-com. Whether it’s a book, movie, or a TV show – it’s my favourite genre – and this one just works because it’s not sickly sweet, but it has just enough sweetness to keep you warm and fuzzy. I watched all six episodes back to back and was just desperate to see how their story evolved.

If you want something to compare it to, I guess there’s an element of Notting Hill about it, mixed with Anna Kendrick’s Love Life, and there’s a sprinkle of Miranda about it. Don’t let that put you off (Miranda is Marmite after all), but I think it has a lot to do with Jessie’s quirky best friend who reminds me of Miranda’s pal Stevie.

I’m so happy to discover that season two is already in the works. I need more! In real life, Rose is pretty big on the stand-up comedy circuit, and I will definitely search for her gigs on YouTube. She reminds me of Amy Schumer a little bit and I love Amy Schumer.

This post is a little short ‘n’ sweet but I just wanted to get back in the habit of posting on here again. I’ve been feeling a real mix of things lately – numb/empty/stressed/sad/depressed. None of the good descriptive words. I miss my mum terribly and feel exhausted as soon as I finish work. With lockdown restrictions easing, I feel guilty that I’m not making plans with anyone. But the truth is I don’t feel ready yet… right now I’m still in my little grief bubble with my sisters, Coco the dog and the TV remote control.

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