Taylor Swift broke the Internet today but I cared more about Gemma Collins.

Today consisted of two important events: 1. Taylor Swift dropped her new single so it was pretty much #TaylorSwiftDay. And, 2. I discovered a new Twitter account called @GemmaReacts which is all about the wonderful Gemma Collins from TOWIE.

Taylor and GC.jpg

Both Huns in their own right, I think you’ll agree, but you’ve got to see the tweet that made me LOL…

I’m a fan of both ladies; I loved GC when she was on CBB (Tony the pony, remember that?!) and I love her on TOWIE (when she’s not screaming at people). T-Swift, I loved when she was a little country gal and when she was shakin’ it off. The new Taylor? TBC.

I’ve listened to Tay-Tay’s new song a few times today and even though my first reaction was ‘U OK, Hun?’, I do think it’ll be a grower. Read GLAMOUR’s review because it’s great, and my other fave piece on the internet about Taylor’s return is the one that said Taylor’s new song is an anthem for Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl.  So excellent.

Anyway, it’s the freakin’ (pay) weekend so I’ll just leave you with this beauty…


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