This weather is 100% my type on paper

How lush was the weather today?! Oh god, I must already be running out of things to chat about when all I can muster is some words about the climate, but this wasn’t just any weather today – it was SUNSHINE. In the goddamn UK. On a bank holiday weekend. So beaut!


I got up with a spring in my step, jumped in the shower and started to get ready. Oh, that was a struggle. What the f*ck do you wear when it’s this gorgeous? I’d already forgotten all about my summer wardrobe – what goes with what? I decided on jeans and a tee because we were going out for brunch.


Me and the fam went to Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa – probably my new fave brunch spot in the homeland The iced coffee is so good, and the Avo on Toast is de-lish. Urgh, could I be more London-y? Next I’ll be asking for soya milk on the side.

Later on we had a wardrobe change (I wore an old Topshop suit I wore to the GLAMOUR Awards two years ago!) and went out for cocktails and dinner to Baraset Barn in Stratford.



So yes, today has mainly been about brunchin’ and lunchin’ but the sisters and I are having our first personal training session in the morning so we couldn’t go too wild. Eek, a personal training session.

I’m S.C.A.R.E.D. Wish me luck!

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