Watching Bake Off with no cake is just

Right, first of all can I just say I’m in agony (see previous post!) and every single limb hurts. Second of all I watched the new series of Great British Bake Off and I blimming well loved it.

But I didn’t love watching it without eating cake.

no cake

Sorry but it’s almost imperative that you watch Bake Off with a moist slice of Vicky Sponge or a simple Jaffa Cake, or at least a biscuit! But nothing? NOTHING?! What kind of f*cked up world do we live in?


The reason for my lack of cake? Well, I’m doing a weekly food diary for my (CUE SMUG FACE) PT (😏) and I suspect he’ll be annoyed if I put a slice of lemon drizzle shizzle on the list. So no drizz for me. So yeah, I’m achy, grumpy and kinda poor, but at least I’ve found this gif of Eddy, aka my spirit animal RN…


Who was your favourite GBBO contestant? Mine was Flo from Liverpool? What a gem – and that watermelon cake was the bomb. 🍉

One thought on “Watching Bake Off with no cake is just

  1. Synergy Elite Health says:

    It has to be the Baker of the Week for me, what a talented chap Steven is, he was taught by his lovely mum – so bet she can rustle up a great sponge… I agree, Flo is pretty impressive, she is so talented and quick witted, great advert for Merseyside… Cookies next week… Glad it is back, I have to buy some Baking Soda by Dr Oetker – check out this – Lego Wonder Woman Cake!


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