What happens at Glamour when K-Middy announces she’s pregnant 

In the world of digital, nothing is more exciting than breaking news. I blimming love it. Today it was all about the Duchess of Cambridge announcing her pregnancy with her third bubba. Exciting news, no? So cute.

No more vino for you, K-Mid’s.

When I’m writing breaking news, I feel like I’m typing at a record pace and no one can distract me. Even if everyone is chatting about the story or the juicy details, I don’t participate – I’m hell bent on getting that story out there for everyone to read. Honestly, it’s a buzz I cannot describe. 

Once I’ve written the piece, got it subbed and added on social media, we then have a chat about other ways we can join the conversation – what *more* can be do? Today we went down the route of K-Middy’s awful morning sickness – bless her. A previous GLAMOUR staffer suffered with it so the Features Director commissioned her to write a piece for us on what it’s like to have it

You don’t have long to turn it all around but when it works it works. And today, well, we nailed it. 👊

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