So, why have I decided to start a blog?

Err, duh! I want to make thousands of pounds, why else? LOLs jokes. Honest.

No, I just wanted something of my own – a diary of what I get up to. I do have an awesome life: living in London, working at GLAMOUR magazine but do I ever stop to take it all in? No. Not really. Ok, I might do the odd bit of bragging on my Facebook and Insta Stories, but nowhere else. And hey, Daily Bayley rhymes so I’d be stupid not to capitalise on the beautiful poetry.
In all seriousness, this isn’t going to be a style blog or a beauty blog or a Carrie Bradshaw ‘As I sat there and wondered‘ blog, it’s just going to be me, talking about whatever the hell I want to talk about – on a daily basis. And I’m really going to try and make this a daily thang – Weekly Bayley didn’t rhyme. Nor did ‘Bi-Monthy Bayley’ so daily it is.

Me: Thinking about cake. Standard.



Whether it’s my fave meme of the day, my basic bitch buy of the day. Or the TV show I can’t get enough of, you’re going to know about it.
I’m not too worried about anyone reading this, but obviously would appreciate a follower or two. Oh, and Baileys if you’d like to sponsor a post – call me, yeah. I give you good price.

2 thoughts on “So, why have I decided to start a blog?

  1. Ange Saville says:

    Hey Leanne, from Sunny Turkey I love the idea of your blog- sent to me by your gorgeous Sister Jackie. Just wanted to say you are the apitomy of “Glamour ” I’m privileged to see some of your pics from Jackie and your blog picture is beautiful- if my Daughter turns out like you I’ll be so proud, just like I know your Mom is of all you girls!! Lots of love and good luck with the blog x


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