Trashy TV: Why am I so god damn addicted?

Tonight I tried to watch The Defenders on Netflix and OMG I struggled. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t keep track of the storyline because I kept refreshing Instagram, checking my Facebook, or replying to a work email. I even got sucked in to the weird world of R.Kelly. Shudder.

Hun, don’t worry, I annoy myself.

I’ve now turned on Celebrity Big Brother and ahhh, I feel much better. I can write today’s Daily Bayley with the humdrum of Z-list voices in the background. Trashy TV is 100% my vice; Love Island, Ex On The Beach, Geordie Shore, you name it I watch it.

who is she

Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Like, yeah. Made In Chelsea? Yah darling. The Only Way Is Essex? Shut up! Of course. I honestly don’t know how I fit it all in.

But do you know what I love about crap TV? It’s mind numbing, you don’t have to think too much, you switch off and chill out. Being at work all day – going to meetings and stuff, – it’s nice to come home and use minimal brain cells. LOL, who do I think I am? No, I don’t save lives, I know, but PLEASE TELL ME YOU AGREE? Also, there is a community involved with reality TV and it’s the easiest convo to have with people as you wait for the kettle to boil the next day.

Tonight I watched the trailer for the new Celebs Go Dating, and I’m stupidly excited because it’s definitely going to fill the Love Island-shaped hole in my life. For my sister’s birthday this year I asked Tom the Receptionist (y’know, Tom the Receptionist) to send her a ‘happy birthday’ message along with family, her friends, Kylie Minogue, Renee Zellweger etc. I honestly think Tom made her the happiest out of everyone. He was so sweet, he even sang to her.

So yeah, this is probably a really dull blog post – I’m sorry, but it’s Tuesday and I think Tuesdays are even worse than Mondays – but today, rubbish TV is giving me LIFE.

Tomorrow’s plan: GET. A. LIFE. 🍷

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