I interviewed Olivia Culpo & now I think we’re best friends. TBC though.

At Coachella earlier this year I was at the same party as model/actress/Instagram babe Olivia Culpo and honestly, everyone was losing their shit. She was the talk of the pool party, and all eyes were on her. You could see why as well; she oozes star quality (she didn’t have an entourage following her around so we couldn’t blame that!), her face is pretty much perfect, and her figure is insane.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 23.33.20

So when Amy, my PR friend, asked if I wanted to interview Olivia for GLAMOUR I said yes. Amy is an amazing PR and she works at PrettyLittleThing.com – she told me Olivia was working on a collaboration with them and it was all very exciting. We hadn’t really written about her before, and I just thought ‘why not? She’s fab-u-lous’.


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 22.55.17

I didn’t get a face-to-face interview with Oliva because she wasn’t coming over to the UK to do press (um Amy, why wasn’t I flown over to LA?). Instead I sent over questions via email. Some journos hate doing this, and always prefer a phoner interview, but I actually love an email Q&A. If you ask the right questions you can usually get good answers, and, well, it gets transcribed for you and I HATE transcribing. I really hate it. Also, because the celeb usually answers them during a car journey, a plane ride or in bed, they have time to think of what they’re going to say.

I really liked Olivia’s answers – they didn’t feel forced, or like her PA did it on the sly. This was very much OC and they were full of sass. We talked about her ‘extra’ wardrobe, her top tip for getting amazing brows and why she really believes in the whole ‘what doesn’t break you, makes you!’ rule of life.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 23.43.57

After I interview a celebrity I love seeing what they do on Twitter with said interview. If they retweet, I LOVE them, if they heart the tweet but don’t retweet, I just like them and if they ignore it, they’re dead to me. Jokes. But it’s interesting to see – especially if they’re active on social media.

Olivia was a total gem, she retweeted GLAMOUR’s tweet, liked it and, wait for it, she started following me on Twitter. TOLD YOU: BFFs for life.

You can read my interview with Olivia on GLAMOUR.COM UK. 

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