Doing it for the ‘gram: Going to Soho Farmhouse is the ultimate ‘pinch me’ moment

First of all, sorry for the delay with this post. I said Daily Bayley and it’s turning out to be a maybe-daily Bayley and that wasn’t my plan. Slaps wrist. 

So this is a post about Soho Farmhouse – the destination for the rich, famous and the smug freebie freeloaders. I’m the latter! Last week I had two amazing days there – I was a guest of Mint Velvet and the trip consisted of celebs (Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue), some influencers (Anna Hart, Emma Gannon, Katherine Ormerod and Claire Menary) and a few fellow journos. I loved the mix and everyone got on perfectly.

The trip was to celebrate Mint Velvet’s new Hygge Collection (pronounced “heu-gah” – I like to say it in a really deep voice). I love staying in wearing chic loungewear and this collection basically caters for that, but chicer than your average loungewear. One word: cashmere. If you don’t know what hygge is, well, you’re not alone. I suppose I can sum it up with the word ‘cosy’ – it’s basically a lifestyle choice. There’s a 101 guide on Glamour so check it out.

When I checked in to my cabin I nearly jumped for joy – it was SO amazing. The huge bed, the bath outside, the countless Cowshed products and a pot full of cookies. What’s not to love?

On day one we had the most incredible lunch which consisted of one of my fave foods in the world – mac ‘n’ cheese.

​Later we hit the Cowshed spa and I had the Moody Massage which is honestly the best treatment I’ve ever had. I’m such a lucky bitch, I know.

After that I got my glad-rags on (ok my new fave Topshop blazer, jeans and a tee) and hit a cabin for pre-dinner drinks.

It was there we got to see the new collection. My personal faves were the luxe pyjamas, the comfy ‘joggers’, the candle and the slippers. I love a pair of fluffy slippers, don’t you? Here’s Millie sporting some of the new collection… 

Afterwards we had dinner – it was delish, but it was the chocolate mouse that rocked my world. Honestly if I could have licked the bowl I would have. But y’know, manners.

The next morning it was a bright and early start – we had a ‘sound bath’ with sound awakening. So Soho Farmhouse darling. Apparently the vibrations from the gongs help with the release of emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate a deep healing on a cellular level.”

Not sure if I believe all that, but it was relaxing regardless. After that it was another trip to Cowshed (told you: pinch me) and I had a facial. Living the dream.

Before we bid farewell to the Oxfordshire countryside we had a spot of lunch and I also saw Josh Hartnett checking out. WHAT A BABE.

The Hygge collection drops late September on Mint Velvet. 

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