I breathed in the same air as Rihanna. RIP ME. 

Do you know what, I didn’t do many parties this London fashion week (am I old? AM I?). I went to New Look’s kick-off party with the BFC, but that’s it. I should have been out ‘n’ about getting #content but I was too busy staying in and watching #TOWIE. Shame on me.
Anyway so on Tuesday night it was all about celebrating Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch and yes, she made an appearance at her own party – held at Harvey Nichols.

Fenty Beauty x Harvey Nichols
God, she’s awesome isn’t she.
I have to say it was the best party I’ve been to in ages. It felt busy but you weren’t cramped, pink champagne was on tap, mini mac & cheese balls (I had one – don’t tell my PT), Fenty Face makeovers and makeup everywhere. Oh, and Rihanna. Obvs.
Fenty Beauty x Harvey Nichols
She looked amazing – and she didn’t do a Cheryl and just head straight to her VIP spot. She did a lap of the room – spoke to some people and posed for selfies. She also got hold of the mic and told everyone to get drunk. RiRi for Prez.
Here’s the video GLAMOUR’s Video Producer Andrea managed to get. Considering it was a tad chaotic when she entered the room (she is RiRi after all) I think she did a fab job.
Back to the makeup though – I actually got the chance to try out all the new products; those blotting sheets were NEEDED. And I got a 40 Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation matched (tried it this morning – gorgeous!). I want it alllll.
But yes, such an incredible night. Head to Harvey Nichols to shop RiRi’s afterparty. 

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