Where the hell have I been? An explanation.

I’m sorry. I’ve failed with my promise of a daily blog… When I started this thing, I was so inspired, and I still am, but my mood has been so low recently I haven’t felt in the mood to do a lot to be honest. Except eat my feelings, which is not funny when nothing fits! So where have I been? I guess I’ve been deep in negative thoughts, that’s where. And bookmarking motivational quotes on the ‘gram.

What happened to Glamour magazine back in October – the day we found out it was being cut from 12 issues to a measly two – was a dark day. I don’t think the impact hit me on the morning we found out – I was in shock, yes, and sad looking around at my colleagues who had worry etched all over their faces. I was heartbroken for all of us.

Back then I didn’t really think I’d be effected, not really anyway. I was ‘Glamour online’ – surely I’d play a role in the ‘new’ Glamour (even if it wasn’t the one I knew and loved). I suppose a lesson I’ve learnt from all of this crap is never believe you’re indispensable – you are. You’re just a number. Whether you work 24/7, give 110%, or live and breathe your job, you are nothing in the grand scheme of things. You’re nada.

I’d been at Glamour four years when I exited the building – nothing compared to some of my colleagues, but I didn’t cry leaving but I did have a heavy heart. I was Leanne from Glamour… I think that’s the issue when you’re a workaholic. What happens when you stop being Leanne-from-Glamour? It rolls off the tongue so goddamn easily, it impresses everyone you meet and gives you an air of ‘glamour’ with every stranger you get lumbered with at a wedding. It has been my identity/ice-breaker for the past four years. Who the heck am I if I’m not Leanne-from-Glamour?

I probably sound so dramatic but as I write this from my holiday in Mauritius (I highly recommend getting over a work drama with a gorgeous holiday – it does wonders I promise – but maybe not for your bank balance!), it’s hard not to dwell on the past, but I’m keen to start looking forward now… When I get back I won’t be Leanne-from-Glamour anymore but I’m hopeful I can still hold my own with the next stranger I meet.

Here’s to a new chapter in my life and hopefully many more Daily Bayleys. Wish me luck! First stop: Fabulous HQ!

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