10 things I loved about the first episode of Love Island

OK, so this isn’t the type of thrilling #content I planned to do for my grand return to Daily Bayley, but hey, needs must and all that. Love Island is back, people! Honestly, how good is it to have Cazza (can I call you Cazza, Caroline Flack?), Iain Stirling and a load of tanned singletons back in our lives? Nothing brings people together quite like watching the same TV show every night at 9pm and my WhatsApp messages were on fire. I’ve never felt so popular! I thought the return of Love Island – considering how good it was last year – might disappoint me, but thankfully it didn’t. I loved every damn minute of it.

This is what I loved…

1. The INSANE lookalikes

Wow, the Love Island casting bigwigs sure do have a type, and this year the new hopefuls looking for love (and a million new Instagram followers, no doubt) are majorly twinning with last year’s lot. Jack, the guy who sells pens for a living, is similar to Kem personality-wise. The brainy doctor is basically Camilla Thurlow (minus the bikini and the eyelashes) and Laura Anderson, the blonde 29-year-old, is a dead ringer for Olivia from last series. Do you agree?

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2. Danny Dyer was trending on Twitter and he didn’t have to do a facking thing

I think everyone is predicting Danny Dyer’s daughter will win it this year – especially if she and Jack hit it off. Dani (yes, he called her Dani!) does come off really nice. I just hope the guys like her for her, and not because of who her dad is, because when she told him, Jack TOTALLY knew already.

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3. Eyal confusing everyone with his daft name

Watching Hayley from Liverpool try and pronounce Eyal’s name was hilarious. But even when he said it he didn’t sound 100%… Anyway, she’s a self-proclaimed bimbo and she does seem quite sweet… but will she grate? Only time will tell…

4. The Harry Potter chat

One thing you don’t expect on Love Island – chat about Harry Potter. Perhaps they’re trying to bring in a new crowd and you know what Harry Potter fans love the most don’t you? Chatting with Potterheads about Harry Potter.

5. The fit geordie

Wow, that Adam is a bit hot, isn’t he? His chat – from what I can tell – is a bit dry but he’s a geordie and who doesn’t love a geordie?! I’m a little bit alarmed that I’m 12 years older than him though – could someone find me his ID please. Thanks.

6. The almost-bride

I like Kendall – she seems like a sweet girl. And she’s got a good sob story as well – could she be an early favourite to win it? I reckon so! Who thinks the ex will make an appearance one day soon? I DOOOOOO.

7. Gymspiration

If I wasn’t busy for the next two months watching Love Island every night, I’d totally be at the gym doing burpees, planks or whatever the kids do at the gym these days. I’ve never seen bodies like it – LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I’ll just carry on counting my syns on Slimming World, don’t mind me.

8. Jack’s crazy teeth

They’re very white, aren’t they? The Ross from Friends memes cracked me up after the first episode. I laughed, and then I tried to find my teeth whitening strips.

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😂😂 (tt/wordsofwallis)

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9. The STUPID cliffhanger

Did they really need to include a cliffhanger for tomorrow night’s episode? Huns, we’ll be watching it every night, you do not need to worry. But seriously, who will Adam choose? I think he’ll play safe and go for one of the girls who *wants* to be taken. I think he might be too nice to be muggy – what do you think?

10. This meme. Oh, Wes.


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