Today is one of those ‘everyone looks like they’re having more fun than me’ days

FOMO is nothing new, but it definitely hits me hard from time to time. When I’m scrolling through my Instagram and I see people having fun, or ‘living their best life’ as the kids call it, I can’t help but feel a stab of envy. It’s ridiculous, really. I’ve had a perfectly nice evening – I went for a gorgeous Elemis facial after work, went home and watched 13 Reasons Why 2, and cooked myself dinner – all in all, it was a dreamy night. But after a long quick glance on the ‘gram, I felt a bit down. I felt like I should be drinking cocktails at a London rooftop bar, or partying in Ibiza with glitter on my face, or sitting in a park somewhere with my friends and a bottle of fizz. But no, I was home alone on the sofa sipping a cuppa tea – how very rock ‘n’ roll!

But even if I was invited to any of these things, I know I wouldn’t have gone! Well, perhaps I’d have taken a trip to Ibiza, but other than that, I’d have politely declined the offer. Y’see, I’ve been such an unsociable Sally lately – do you ever go through phases like that? No matter what the offer is, you’d say ‘aww thanks so much, but I can’t tonight’. It’s different because I actually like my own company, but sometimes I wish I lived with a friend who would be like ‘c’mon, let’s go out. It’s too nice to stay inside!’ Sometimes you just need a gentle push… 

So I’ve decided next week I’m going to cram my diary with fun things; whether it’s just a coffee with a friend, a work event or dinner. It’s time to stop being such a hermit – I’ve no longer got Love Island to blame. Let’s see how I get on! 

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