10 things you only know if you’ve ever done Slimming World

For those who don’t know, I’ve been going to Slimming World since the beginning of February and I actually really love it. In the six months of going to group each week, these are the things I know to be true. And if you’ve ever done SW, you’ll definitely #relate to one or two…   

1. People will think you’ve joined a cult (and you’ll secretly think so, too!)

Syns, SP days, hexa, hexb, speed foods, star week etc. WTF? It’s like Slimming World morse code…  


2. You will travel to every budget supermarket across the country to find the Frylight flavour you’ve been looking for

If you find the chilli version, give me a shout will ya? 


3. Muller Light yoghurts all day errrr day

Me, when a new flavour comes out:


4. You will cry at least once during the group session listening to someone’s sob story

They don’t call it a journey for nothin’. Now pass us a tissue… 


5. You wear the exact same outfit to weigh in every damn week

Me: Ivy Park leggings, Ivy Park top, no jewellery, NO jacket.


6. The meal after weigh in is the best meal of the week

Sorry to my lovely (and amazing) SW leader Ann, but it’s PIZZA time – just you try and stop me!


7. Going out can be a frigging nightmare

Oh hey guys, shall we go Nando’s? Again.  


8. Hi-Fi bars 4 lyf

They take approximately three seconds to eat, which is technically a syn a second. But they are oh so worth it.


9. People take really ugly food pics

Sorry to the huns on Instagram but I really don’t want to see another bowl of mushy peas, ok?! 


10. You contemplate making Coca Cola Chicken

But then you, um, don’t.


If you do Slimming World, let me know! I love my little Insta DM gals who do SW as well – we’re always sharing tips.

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