What I’d be buying if I weren’t doing #Banuary right now

Hands up if you’re counting down the days until payday – that’s what January is all about, right? Using your crisp, new diary to figure out how many more nights you need to stay in and eat beans on toast for. I started off the year in a state of ‘ignorance is bliss’ – buying a few bits and bobs here and there – and then I checked my bank balance. Ouch it hurt. I haven’t had the time (or the willpower!) to hit the high street but here’s what I’d be buying if I weren’t doing boring ol’ Banuary…

P.S I know others aren’t on a ban, which is why I’ve put the links to the pieces under the pic – if you buy it, I’m happy for you. Really, I am. HONESTLY.

shopping 2


This leopard print blouse is so chic – I blimming love it. I’d wear it with my skinny jeans and a black blazer. I’d like to think I’d don a red lip like the model as well, but I know that wouldn’t happen.


Blouse, £39.99, Zara 


Topshop do really good hoodies y’know, and I love this shade of yellow – it’s baby steps into the neon lane. I adore this.


Hoodie, £25, Topshop


Granted, there’s no beaming hot sunshine in the UK but you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, can you?


Sunglasses, £14, River Island


I love this skirt (which is a total bargain btw!) and I’d like to team it with a long cream coat and a pair of boots. I mean, a cream coat in London is just crazy talk but the idea is appealing, I won’t lie.


Skirt, £12.99, H&M


I would never buy Chanel flat ballet pumps (they’d be destroyed the way I stomp around London) but I wouldn’t say no to wearing a pair of two-tone ballet flats from ASOS.


Ballet flats, £12, ASOS Design


It’s not necessarily the print I love, it’s the cute flirty skirt… it’s just very playful and sweet – I think it’s great. Want.


Dress, £49.50, Marks & Spencer 


I don’t really wear black tops because the colour drains me, but I just think this jumper looks really expensive and I’d love to wear it with my Topshop Orson jeans, a  pair of boots and a teddy coat. In spring I’d be teaming it with white jeans and a pair of Gucci style loafers, or my Converse.


Jumper, £38, Oasis


I would never put this lilac jumper with this skirt, but that’s what I love when I’m online shopping (or real life shopping – with mannequins!) – being inspired to try something I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ll be buying this entire outfit for sure… y’know, in February.

new look.jpg

Living My Best Life jumper, £12.99, and the zebra print skirt, £17.99, both New Look 


I love a pair of statement earrings and right now I’m all about resin… these ones fit the bill.


Chunky resin earrings, £3, Primark 

FYI, it’s two weeks tomorrow until I get paid. #PrayForMe.


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