National Dog Day: Let me introduce you to Coco Bayley ๐Ÿพ

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be oh so familiar with Coco Bayley. She’s a Lhasapoo, originally from Wales and she’s the wind beneath my wings. She’s definitely a big reason why I go back home a lot at the weekends – I just love her so much. She’s such a babe!

Coco, 5 (and three quarters), is our favourite family member. Yes, she’s technically Jackie’s dog, but we all share the love – just not the vet bills. LOL. LOL LOL. Soz, Jax. We always joke that we should get another one and call her Chanel so you can shout out in the park ‘Coco! Chanel’ –trรจs chic dontcha think? Coco would get too jealous though, so we wouldn’t do that to her.

We call Coco our baby and tell her to “go see Grandma” which means we definitely treat her like a newborn – which got my thinking (Oh, I’m slowly turning in to Carrie!) of all the ways we do treat her like a baby…

  1. “She’s so clever!” – you know how new mums always think their kids are dead intelligent? Well, we’re like that with Coco. But honestly, she’s a really clever pup.
  2. “She loves dancing” – Mums definitely think their kids are the only kids who like a boogie, and Coco loves to do it, too. Angie has somehow got her to dance in return for a treat – we’re thinking the next series of Britain’s Got Talent could be next.
  3. “Are you gonna go for a weewee / poopoo” – potty training hard times.
  4. “Go get the baby” Yep, her squeaky toy is called the baby but she knows when it’s playtime when you say that.
  5. “Oh, she’s a fussy eater” Only the finest chicken will do. Just like her mum(s) – she likes the finer things in life.

To sign off, here’s a little pic of Coco in her trendy bandana…

Happy National Dog Day.


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