Primark AW18 press day: 10 things that took my fancy

I’m really tired today (exciting opening line, I know) but I think it’s because of the world’s worst hay fever. Honestly, what’s going on? I don’t usually suffer as bad in the big smoke, but I seriously am this week. Urgh.

So, what have I been up to in the last 24hrs? I wrote about gorgeous summer skirts, Maya Jama’s big news, and rallied around as we did a sweep stake for the World Cup. I got France… I’m quite happy with this one. Nothing to do with the football, mind! It’s mainly because we’re going to dress up as the country we picked. France is easy – red lippy, a Breton stripe, a pair of superga trainers and I’m good to go. Or I could just dress super chic and stylish and be the ultimate Parisian woman! Decisions decisions…

After work I made a beeline for the Primark AW18 press day to check out what will be dropping in store once the temperature drops. Here’s what I liked…

1. This sparkly dress

2. This pink suit

3. These 80s style earrings

4. These omfg-I-love-them jeans (which I Kira Kirad for the full effect)

5. This red coat

6. These red shoes

7. This chainmail clutch bag

8. The white trainers with a leopard print stripe

9. And talking of leopard print…

10. And these earrings

I’ll be keeping an eye out in store for this lot and if you spot them before me, let me know! Also guys, HAPPY FRIDAY!

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