Holly Willoughby’s new look on I’m a Celebrity – yay or nay?

Tonight I’m waiting for fashion stylist Angie Smith to post Holly Willoughby’s latest outfit credits on the ‘gram – yep, this is the uber glamorous life of a HELLO! staffer while I’m a Celeb is on the telly. So because Holly’s on the brain, and because Ange is taking her sweet time uploading the snap I thought I’d come on to Daily Bayley to discuss #HWJungleStyle. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here – heyyyyy!

So, what do you think so far of Holly’s look so far? We’re not even a week in, but I think I’m digging the new Trendy Wendy Holly we’ve been seeing Down Under. I do have to say though – nothing she has worn on I’m a Celeb feels very her. But then again, if you can’t be a different version of yourself when you’re on your hols working in Australia, when can you, eh?

By the way, I took a quick break as I put the HELLO! story live – give it a read, why don’t you. I quite like tonight’s look – I contemplated buying the dress in the All Saints Black Friday sale but then I remembered I’m broke until pay day.

Anyway, enough about my financial crisis…

I’ve noticed that Holly’s chunky Grenson boots are getting the most attention so far – the Insta IT crowd love those, don’t they? And you know what, I think I might want a similar pair now. God, I’m so easily influenced. I have to say, those boots do seem quite whoa out there for Holly, but then what do I expect? She’s not going to be wearing strappy sandals in the jungle, or teetering around in a pair of nude courts – she’d look ridiculous! And it would make Dec look even smaller, wouldn’t it?! I just have to get used to this new Lucy Williams-esque HW. But I can imagine Holly saying to her stylist-of-the-moment during their fittings: ‘I’m not sure Ange, are they very me?” Regardless, I bet they’re comfy AF. And she must be doing something right, because you can’t buy them anywhere (which, let’s face it, makes us want them even more!).

I think my favourite thing she has worn so far is the cool star necklace by Kirstie Marque – so gorgeous!

But yeah, what’s your thoughts on Holly 2.0? Do you prefer her as the prim ‘n’ proper matchy matchy daytime TV Queen, or do you prefer the slightly edgier, post-watershed version? I’m still on the fence.

Right, that’s me done now. I’m off to make a cup of tea and go to bed. And yes, I am one of those weirdos who goes to bed with a cup of tea, and no, it doesn’t keep me awake in the night. I’m lucky, I can fall asleep anywhere. Well, anywhere but the jungle – I couldn’t get shut-eye being surrounded by all of those creepy crawlies – shudder!

Night! xoxo


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