Work/Life! A day in the life of moi

Who doesn’t love that page in Stylist magazine where it tells you what the regular person does from start to finish with their day? I love it, and because this is a very indulgent blog, I thought I’d copy it and give you a day in the life of moi.


I wake up to my alarm every morning. I don’t sleep with my curtains closed because I need whatever daylight I can get to wake me. I set three alarms, one for 6am, one for 6.15am, one for 6.30am and I tend to fall into a deep slumber each time and kick myself for not jumping out of bed at 6am. When I finally admit defeat I check my phone for 15 minutes or so – ok, maybe 30 mins. I open Instagram first and hit the heart button on all my fave bloggers who post around that time because that’s when their analytics tell them to. I check my emails for any important ones – having a scout around for any good HELLO! lifestyle worthy stories. I usually get engrossed in Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Experts newsletter and promise myself that one day I’ll switch energy supplier and save ten million pound. I lose track of time watching Instagram Stories.


Get out of bed. I always make my bed before I go in the shower. Gretchen Rubin from The Happier Podcast once gave it as a tip – to make your bed properly every morning and I honestly agree that it’s a game changer. I may not have my sh*t together all day long but my bed is made and my 104 cushions are placed pride of place. I then get in the shower and make a cup of tea.


Start my makeup! This is probably one of my fave times of the day. My Ikea dressing table in my (rented) North London flat looks out to the London skyline and I love it in the morning – it feels very peaceful. I put on a podcast (usually a Chatty Cathy one than a crime thriller) and I do my make up and my hair. Makeup until 7.30am. I apply my skin care regimen (currently Jurlique) and then all the makeup that will make me look half decent. I use any foundation; whether it’s La Mer to Rimmel, YSL to No7, I’m easy. I do always finish with a buff of bareMinerals powder though, and have used that since I was a teenager. Urgh that makes me feel old. I always wear eyeshadow (always), a strong blush (Charlotte Tilbury is my fave), mascara (Benefit Roller Lash is the best) and I keep my lips bare for now. Don’t want my hair sticking to my lipgloss now, do I?


Do my hurrrr. I wash my hair every other day and I give it a quick spritz of a heat protector spray and then I blast dry it with my Dyson hairdryer. Yes, I do love it. I then curl my hair using my ghd styler. I curl my hair EVERY day because I don’t like the way I look with straight hair and it’s quick and easy. I could do my hair blindfolded.


Get ready. I choose my outfit the night before. Well, I try to. The Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw once recommended that I do it because it helps start your day in a stress-free way. If you’re less stressed, your cortisol levels won’t spike and you won’t be rushing to buy a chocolate croissant on the way to the office. But I would if I could because the Pret choc croissants are LIFE. I’m totally paraphrasing here and she told me over six years ago so I might have got it all wrong.


Prepare to leave the house and get my crap together – making sure I give myself a slick of lipgloss on the way out. I have to carry a tote bag to work to house all the daily essentials, such as my makeup and an umbrella! I walk to the tube station while listening to Spotify. Right now it’s the A Star Is Born soundtrack, before that it was The Greatest Showman. I get on the tube and don’t speak to anyone – a true London commuter. But, so you don’t think I’m vile, I will always help someone struggling with a suitcase with the stairs because #karma. I would say it’s a 45 minute journey to work.


Arrive in Waterloo (a station close to HELLO!) and I stop by Pret and get my morning cuppa tea for the office. Breakfast is usually a Slimming World friendly breakfast of yoghurt and fruit. Snoozeville.

I’m actually bored writing this … are you still awake? 


Team HELLO! have our morning conference where we talk about what we have going on and suggest cool ideas for the day.

10am – 1am

Head of Lifsestyle-worthy Work work work 


Lunch! I usually eat at my desk. I either eat chicken salad, soup, or jacket potato with beans and cheese, oh, the glamour! I don’t really like sandwiches, which is quite weird. Sometimes I get some fresh air by going to the nearest Starbucks which is a walk along the river which is nice. I use this as an opportunity to call the sister and say hey. I order a sugar free, skinny caramel latte – my fave! Sometimes I go for a walk with Anna, HELLO!’s Social Media Editor.

After lunch

Work work work


Leave the office. Our office shuts up shop and we *have* to leave! It’s a blessing (but also really annoying when you need to stay and finish something!). I’m either dashing into central London to make a press day or attend a press dinner, or meet my friends. If I don’t have anything going on, I go home to make dinner and watch TV. If it’s the latter, I walk to the station and stop by M&S to get an easy to cook meal. I don’t do a ‘big shop’ because it’s only me. Cue strumming of the mini violin.


Dinner, followed by something sweet and a cup of tea, I might do a bit of cleaning (I’m a member of the Mrs Hinch Army) and tackle life admin (lol, hardly ever!). I FaceTime with the fam, reply to emails, stare at my phone and mindlessly scroll Instagram, or I watch TV. I might also think of a Daily Bayley blog post. But mostly I’ll watch TV.


After I’ve decided on the outfit for the following day, I wash my face, brush my teeth and go to sleep. It takes me like 10 seconds go go to sleep because I’m lucky like that. I do like a spritz of a pillow spray though because yes I am ridiculous. If I ever have trouble to get to sleep I’ll read back this Daily Bayley post, and I’m sure I’ll nod right off.

Phew, that took ages. I think I’ll leave Stylist to this page from now on. 

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